Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cycles and more, an update on the story


Ambulance driver has updated his story on Cycles and More, the company who's customer service is so... exceptional..... that it needs to be held up to the light of critical public inspection.

It seems to be getting that, as Googling 'Cycles and More' has AD's post right next to the companies web site in the listing. That is the power of modern communications and the internet. People can share their experiences as never before, and companies that trade with the public had best learn to deal with that.

Speaking only for myself here... but I check out a business before I send my money their way. It's just so easy, and makes so much sense. In this case, were I living in that part Louisiana and wished to buy a motorcycle, you can darn well bet I'd be researching the company in depth before plunking down my $. That's exactly what I did when I bought my truck a few years ago, and the research paid off very well indeed.

I suspect Cycles and More's treatment of AD is going to cost them far more than they made from him in profit... far, far more. Then again, it could easily have gone the other way. The shop could have treated him right, and gotten a rave review in AD's blog, and had THAT show up on a Google search. Cycles and More made their choice, and in today's world it may have been the wrong one.

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