Monday, May 4, 2009

Rain.... rain... rain.... rain.... rain.... rain.... rain.....

Yesterday morning I tried something new to me. Sporting clays.... often described as 'Golf with Shotguns'. Having never had an interest in Golf, I can't say. But one thing is clear... this sporting clays thing has promise. I can see getting hooked.

No pictures folks... sorry. I had a camera in the truck, but it stayed there. We shot in the rain (Bang SPLAT damn), and while I knew I would dry, and the shotgun would not melt, I doubted the camera would react well to the intermittent deluges.

Sporting clays.... is a hoot. Clay birds fly out, fly up, drift down, roll along, bounce, come straight at your head... and no two stations are the same. Shooting with a squad, and walking the stations through woods and field, the companionship is good too.

About the rain? We are slated for an inch and a half today and tonight, with more rain every day of the forecast as far forward as it goes. Looks like a Ray Bradbury kind of week.

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Brigid said...

Sounds like fun. The Silverhawk might be good for that, though I've only shot clays once in my life ("any chance you guys can fling a barn door up with that machine?"