Friday, May 15, 2009

Home is the weary hunter


60 hours of work in 5 days.... and they have taken their toll. Teaching teenagers during the day, on the cusp of being men. After that, instructing adults in the evening when I'm not taking my own Penn State course on educational theory.

Now, Friday evening and it's a sweet thing. The house is quiet, and dinner is before me.

Despite a bone deep exhaustion, I roused myself long enough to make up a casserole for dinner. Rotinni, baked in a cheese sauce with sauteed onions, munster, and sharp cheddar. Lots of garlic and pepper, with a dust of smoked Hungarian paprika to finish.

I shall eat at my leisure... and savor the taste of a solid heart warming meal, after a long week of work worth doing.

After that? I think I will just lay down on the nice soft floor and take a nap, working up enough energy to stagger off to bed later. (g).


Brigid said...

OK. . my pancakes and grilled peaches were GOOD. . but THAT. .


The cheese low level warning light just came on.

Christina LMT said...


No pasta for me! Take care of yourself and have a restful weekend!