Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cycles and more, a review


Blogger 'Ambulance Driver' has a first hand review of the service provided by 'Cycles and More' down in looosiana. It would appear they suffer from a serious lack of service. Or more to the point, their customers suffer from it.

I used to ride, and was well acquainted with the local motorcycle shops and their service. The ones who are good flourish even in hard times. The ones who offer poor service, as Cycles and More did for AD, well those don't do so good.

On todays world of rapid communications, google searches, and blogging... poor customer service carries risks never before seen. A new customer, or one smelling a rat, has only to do a quick search for other peoples experiences. In this case, a search for Cycles and More finds AD's sad experience only a few steps below the actual companies web site in the search listings. It's a safe bet that anyone looking up Cycles and more will also read AD's description of their service, or 'lack 'O service'.

When I bought my truck a few years ago, you can bet hard cash that I researched the dealers as much as the vehicle. Business's that treated customers right caught my interest, those who didn't... hadn't a prayer of seeing my money.

So.... Cycles and More treated Ambulance Driver poorly, and probably think nothing of it, if it thats institutionalized there. That's pretty sure to change... as people look at the dwindling value of the meager paychecks and get more serious about value.

Cycles and More has a nice website... so it would be hoped they have a web designer who checks out their listings on occasion. If I owned that business, I'd by burning down the phone lines trying to get in touch with AD and fix what they did wrong.
By all accounts he's an upright guy, intelligent and deliberate in his opinions. I have no doubt his description of their service was accurate, and no doubts its going to cost Cycles and More a lot of potential customers in the future.


Earl said...

Nice post, and found it from your comment at AD. Thanks.

Old NFO said...

I'll vouch for AD, I've met him and know him well enough to say he is totally honest about what happened.