Saturday, May 9, 2009

12 days.............

Twelve days.... that is the time I have left with my students. Only twelve school days in which to do so much!

Where other programs are winding down, we are actually picking up the pace. There is so much material to cover, and so much left to lay in front of them.

Monday I test students for their emissions inspection license. Twenty one of the buggers, both from my class and another automotive program.... who have had their brains pounded by me for a week and a half. "What does an EGR valve DO?", "At what RPM levels is a two speed idle test performed?", "What does ASM-5015 stand for, and what counties in the state use that test?"...... Five days of grinding that home. I am doing students from two programs because I'm the only instructor in our school who does state emissions certification.

The last few days have also seen our students studying and testing for Cat-2 motorcycle inspection licenses. No.... we are not a motorcycle program, but our school has one. The instructor there is not certified to instruct state inspection, so we jumped in and taught his class too, at least on this subject. As long as we were taking care of his students, we left it open to ours as well... and eight of them stepped up to the plate. I hope we don't get in trouble, but this year there will be more Auto Mechanics students getting motorcycle inspection licenses than there are Motorcycle program students getting them.

Monday we dive into in on-board computer testing and diagnosis. The following week, Air conditioning principles and testing, and then.... and then.....

And then graduation. And then... my boys are released to the world, and their lives.

I'm going to miss some of them.

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