Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday randomness.....

Only about six weeks left with school.... and the battle is joined in keeping our students focused. The best of them are greedy for more. The worst of them... well.... we do what we can. They'll run face first into life shortly, and I hope it's not a bloody nose moment for them.

We just got done with our boys and State Inspection licensing. About 60% passed. Down from our usual average, but more t
han we expected with this group. Now, we are in the middle of teaching another instructors class the same thing (only so many of us are licensed to do this). Of his group... maybe one or two will make it. Not much I can do when they sleep in class.

Next week begins emissions inspection certification, for those willing to take a shot at it. I'll be teaching that to our boys, and another class as well. Wish them luck, it's tough material even for experienced techs.

On a wider front.... I read a note on Instapundit, a link to Heritage.org, with a graphic for the intellectually challenged like me. Mr. Ob
ama is telling us all how he asked his cabinet to 'Find 100 million dollars in savings'. As the graphic chart shows, and the numbers as well, this is the equivalent of a family making 100,000 a year cutting back on one latte from Starbucks...... a year.

It's all well and good till somebody makes a chart and explains the numbers, then the people go right back to sharpening their pitchforks again. I hear the price of tar is skyrocketing, and chickens have gone into hiding.

Now I must return to my crazy schedule, and get this day in motion. I'll leave you with this link, to a heart warming poem from a masterful writer. If you are not reading her work.... you are missing something special in life.

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Brigid said...

Government agencies have been asked to come up with ways to save 100 million. That's 100,000,000 dollars.

Great. . and some are doing it. Only problem. That's just one WEEKS worth of interest on the big bailout we're all in hock for.