Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bang Tink

My favorite shooting range is beginning steel matches this summer. Fun shoots the rest of the year, and then they begin steel in earnest for points next year.

I found this out the past weekend as I was shooting in one bay, and heard the tell tale "Bang Tink" from down the way a bit. I wandered over... and it turns out they were just working out the set up and details, in preparation for this coming weekend.

Luckily... I had fifty rounds of newly cast lead bullet target loads with me, and was carrying my M+P in it's usual tight CCW holster. I ran from 4.5 seconds to 6 seconds, hitting five targets after a draw. Not lightning fast, but okay. I'll surely be trying again next month, with my Commander and a holster more fitting to competition.

I do believe I will have to step up the pace on loading lead bullet pistol ammo!

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Old NFO said...

It's ALWAYS nice to hear that tink... :-)