Tuesday, March 17, 2009

They really don't get it, do they?

A US Senator suggests the executives at AIG should either resign in disgrace, or commit seppuku (ritual suicide) based on their failure as company leaders and wasters of tax payer money.

This is irony on a level only Joseph Goebbels would understand. Dangerous irony at that.

These blokes in Congress really don't get it, do they? They caused the financial troubles this nation faces, and they think we don't know that. There is not one causal factor of our financial meltdown that congress doesn't have a bloated finger in, most times up to the elbow. The irony here is..... Congress is the epitome of 'failure' and the most egregious culprit in wasting citizens wealth the world has ever seen. They are riding this smoking wreck all the way to the ground, all the while they are lighting their overpriced cigars on the flames of the collapse, and searching the wreckage for one more bottle of bourbon to steal.

Articles like the above.... I can not believe it's solely smoke screen to shift blame. I am coming to understand, a little more each day, that these Congrescritters are so out of touch with reality they think they are innocent. They have no shame, no sense of wrong, and certainly no guilt.

Folks..... it's time to flush the national toilet and toss these buggers into the creek.

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Old NFO said...

I think we should be investigating Congress FIRST- Especially the house and senate banking committees... They HAD TO KNOW what was going on.