Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saving your blogspot blog

Ever look at your blog, and think to yourself "Self, it would suck with major suckitude if I lost all this stuff I wrote".

Well, why not save it? Especially since it's so easy.

Step by step:
  1. Go to the dashboard and click on 'Settings'.
  2. Click on 'Formatting'.
  3. The very first parameter is 'Show ____ posts on the main page. Set the number just in excess of how many posts you have written. It says it will do 500, but I have only been able to get 450 out of it.
  4. Go to the bottom of that page and click on 'Save settings'.
  5. It should reload the page, back at the top. Click on 'View Blog'. If you are a prolific writer, or have lots of images, plan on it taking a while to load. When I do this with Carteach0, I just go get coffee while it loads (g).
  6. WAIT TILL IT IS DONE LOADING, or you may not save it properly.
  7. Once it's loaded, go to the 'File' menu and open it, and then click on 'Save As'. Among the choices will be 'Web Page, Complete'. That is the one you want. Click on it, and then choose where you want it saved to. I send mine to my desktop. Click on 'Okay'
  8. Go back to 'Settings' and reset the post number back to a reasonable level. Too many makes it hard for people to load, too few is also a pain in the butt.
That's it, you have saved your blog to your computer. When you take a look at it on your desktop, you will likely see two folders. One marked with your browser icon and the name of your page, and the marked with the name and 'files'. Clicking and dragging the browser marked icon will usually drag the 'files' marked icon along with it. You need both to have the blog intact. Should you need to access your saved blog, just double click the browser marked icon. It should open on your PC just like the website, whether you are connected to the net or not.

Beware, it can be a big save. The last time I did Carteach0 (heavy on photos) it was a 140 meg download.

I do mine on a regular basis, since a friend nearly lost her blog some time back. It's like insurance... sometimes you don't think you need it till you watch a close call happen in front of your eyes.


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Popgun said...

You can also use software on your local computer to create your blog, and upload entries as you create them. I'm on Mac OS X, and I use Ecto. On my system, it's automatically backed up to an external USB drive every hour or so. Ecto is at if you're interested. I'm sure there's Windows software out there, too.