Monday, March 9, 2009

Review: Streamlight PolyStinger flashlight

It was a little like Christmas, only nothing was wrapped and nothing was a gift for anyone.... and there was no tree... and no music. Come to think of it, it wasn't much like Christmas at all.

Okay.... It was a little like opening a Cracker Jack box. Lots of good stuff, and a prize in there too.

Some tools and supplies came in a few days ago. Amongst the usual stuff we ordered, a new flashlight for Mr. Instructor. Yes.... a flashlight.... and no.... not because I needed a bright idea, although it wouldn't hurt.

I usually carry a flashlight during lab, and for good reasons. Not the least, my aged eyes; unlike my vampire inspired students, I cannot see in the dark. In fact, the older I get the more I appreciate a good work light.

More to the point... with a bright flashlight I can direct a students attention to a specific area under discussion. Add in my pocket laser pointer, and now I can highlight one specific spot within the bubble of light. It makes sure the student and I are on the same page, and really helps get a point across sometimes.

This latest light is a Streamlight PolyStinger. It's a rechargeable light with a zenon bulb, good for about 220 lumins. The battery is rated for an hours use, which means I can recharge each night and have a comfortable margin, saving my old 3 watt LED light as backup, and my 1 watt LED as a loaner flashlight.

I have used the Stinger before, in it's all metal incarnation. It's bright... very bright. Not bright like a narrow output LED, but the bright of a wider spectrum Zenon bulb with a stiff battery behind it. My original Stinger, used years ago, was bought on advice of an officer I knew. He used one on duty and was impressed. Long since given to one of my sons, I missed that flashlight. It was potent, and could take a beating without giving up.

This new version is 'Poly', which is a higher priced way of saying plastic. I appreciate the design material now, as I carry it in my pocket instead of a belt holster. I like an all metal flashlight, but I carry so much junk now I'm considering a 5.1.1. vest for everyday use!

This light is bright, lightweight for it's output, and seems tough. The selling feature for me though.... no batteries to buy. This is program equipment, and seems expensive, till one factors in the CR123 batteries the school has been buying me the last few years. After looking at those.... rechargeable seems more cost efficient. The brightness of it..... that is good too.

Today, I used it to illuminate a front suspension I w
as running live video on for a theory lesson. "Click..... Okay ... We can all see clearly now!!". Normally I would have used the video camera halogen light attachment, but this worked so much better. Instead of lighting up the fender and washing out the scene, I was able to highlight just the dial indicator and it's mounting assembly.

So.... until future notice.... the Streamlight PolyStinger has my seal of approval.

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Old NFO said...

Sounds like a good deal, I'll have to check it out. Thanks!