Sunday, March 15, 2009

Reloading accurate rifle ammunition, the series

The Carteach0 series on hand loading accurate rifle ammunition:

Yes, yes... I know. Self tootage of horn going on here. That said, I'd like to ask a question..... Do we need a series (or an article) that delves into casting ones own bullets? In the reloading series above I tried to get into some tips and tricks that may not be well covered in the standard manuals. Bullet casting, on the other hand, is well covered in the Lyman, RCBS, and LEE books. There's not much I can add in the way of tips. That said, would it be worth the time to write a step by step with images, done my way?





Old NFO said...

Either a post, or a good set of references... Your choice :-)

Crucis said...

I reload .223 for my Rem700 and various pistol calibers.

One tip I've found is to have just a few powders. I use Win231 and Win748. One of these two powders will work for every firearm I own.

Second item, I try to match factory ammo as best I can. I will chrono factory ammo, weigh the bullet and then start with the beginning (lightest) weights for the powder and compare the chrono data for the reload against that of the factory load. I then adjust the powder weight until they match. I've found that the "sweet spot" for accuracy most often matches that of the factory load.

Brigid said...

What little I know, friends have taught me, so yes. It would be worth the time.

PRH....... said...

Not into reloading...but the day may be coming, and soon it may come.