Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kewl! A local tea party I can actually get to!

A local tea party I can make it to, with a little class rescheduling, and on Tax Day no less! I believe I shall be there.

Conservative tax paying regular folk are beginning to finally take notice of what has happened to this country, and are beginning to speak out with joined voices. These are not people who usually demonstrate...... these are people with jobs and families and lives that support the nation with their daily efforts and hard work. These are not jobless professional protesters bussed in by a government funded pressure group.

I think I need to be there too.

I'll take photos and report on the activities. Some of the speakers are people I've heard before, and it's notable that a few congresscritters may make an appearance.

4:00 Meet and Greet

4:20 National Anthem sung by Nicole Quinn

4:30 Representative Sam Rohrer
Berks County
10th Amendment House Resolution (HR 95)

5:00 *Tenative: Senator Shirley Kitchen
Personal Privacy Legislation Package

5:15 Jim Compton
National Veteran's Committee on Constitutional Affairs
Real ID

5:30 Bill Neff
Security Specialist, Local Business Owner
Security Technologies

5:45 Pat Sellers
John Birch Society
Causes and Effects of the Federal Reserve System

6:00 *Tenative: Jeff Maday
Delaware Campaign for Liberty
Words of Truth about the Federal Reserve System

6:15 Bill Reil
Constitutional Scholar / PICFA
Looking at the Federal Reserve System, Constitutionally

6:30 Roy Minet
Libertarian Party
Problems with a 2 Party Political System

6:45 Nicole Quinn
Females for Freedom (Founder)
How to Help and Get Active using the Campaign for Liberty

7:00 Prayer and Blessings said by Dona Witmer

I've met some of these folks before, and I suspect the limited 15 minute speaking slot will cause their heads to explode from internal verbal pressure.

This should be interesting. I'm very, very curious to gauge the mood of the people for myself.


I'll go... but I wonder if Lancaster and it's liberal Democrat mayor will try to shut it down? Sort of like what happened here, where a city decided too many people were going to assemble peaceably, and wanted a permit application and paid up insurance. I'll be watching that one... as I wonder if a few thousand folks will show up anyway.

This whole 'Tea Party' thing is snow balling, as people find their voices.

Interesting... very interesting. I think Professor De Le Paz would approve.


Anonymous said...

We're going to the one downtown, on Independence Mall on the 18th!

Carteach0 said...

That should be a good one, right where much of it began.

Me, I'm allergic to large cities. I break out in unhappiness and erupt in desires to leave.