Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Done in.......

Funny... on the ride to work, as the blood-coffee level rises to 'human' levels, my brain goes active. I have GREAT ideas for posts, new ideas for technical investigations of the shooty kind, and solutions to most of mankind's woes.

Once I arrive at work.... the mind destroying multitasking on a galactic scale begins. For much of the day I have a student in front of me, two more waiting on the side, and two more calling from across the room. Before school meetings, after school meetings, and demand upon demand.

By the end of the day, I'm a weary and brain addled bag of tired out old bones. Yesterday, thirteen hours of that. Tomorrow, another thirteen hours. Tonight....

Clearly I need more coffee... enough to last the day (g).


Old NFO said...

Take a tape recorder and talk into it... :-) THEN you will have the ideas later!

Jay G said...

I keep a pad of paper and several pens in the center console of my truck for just such events.

Many's the time I've come up with a good blog post while behind the wheel, then grabbed the pad at the next red light (there's plenty of 'em on my commute) and hastily scribbled an outline.

What's funny, though, is when I get to a point where I can put up a post from my notes, it's been numerous hours since the thought left my brain and I'm left trying to decipher my frantic scribbling.

It usually goes something like this:

[Jay, reading note] Uh, Something something flaming marzipan? No, that can't be right. Planning mariachis? No. Ah, screw it...