Friday, March 27, 2009

Camera thoughts.... and questions


The official Carteach0 camera is making 'Whir crunch sprreee whiz bling' sounds when I fire it up these days. I suspect 20,000+ images over the last few years has had an effect. It's a Canon 6mp S3i high end (for its day) point and shoot, and has been a heck of a trooper these past years. If, when it fully quits, Canon can do something with it for a reasonable price I'll squander the wampum to fix it.

Meanwhile, I'm beginning the long drawn out process (for me) of investigating a new camera to purchase. This can take anywhere from twelve minutes to twelve months, given my past history. I may be able to take advantage of the economy tanking and buy something on sale (Cheap!) or used (Even Cheaper!).

I would like to step up to an entry level digital SLR. I used to own some quite decent 35mm SLR's, and they led me into my own darkroom and some friendly checks in the mail from a few magazines. I like the SLR and wish to return to my roots, as it were. To that end.... I am looking at the Canon Rebel XS. Canon has been good to me, and they seem to have a clue when it comes to photography. An acquaintance at the B+N coffee shop spent some time showing me his Canon 5D complete with a sack of L lenses, to which I replied "Haminahaminahamina" and drooled in my coffee.

Folks.... Obama sized dollar signs are off the reservation for me. Should I buy, it will be with dusty bills upon which President Washington blinks with surprise.

I'm looking for lens swapping, of course, and excellent portrait ability along with exceptional macro shooting ability (for the $). I'd like to begin working in RAW format, and I think 10mp is the baseline just now.

Do any of my learned and wise readers have thoughts to share? Experiences? Impressions? Rude remarks? Pointless blathering? Oh, wait.... that's my job.


Anonymous said...

Not sure on the digital end what to recommend. My own high end point and shoot recently died and I too am in your position. I like the idea of the new Pentax stuff purely because I have older lenses that I could use.By the way nice TLR. Rollei?

Rey B

Everett said...

Hi, Been reading you for quite some time, came over from Brigids blog.
I just bought a Canon PowerShot SX 110 IS. It does all the things I want it to and a lot more that I'll never use! So for me it is the perfect camera after having used a Sony with a 3" disc for years! What a pain. Anyway this little beauty came in at under $300. Take a look if you can! Regards, Everett R Littlefield. IslandVoice on good old