Saturday, February 7, 2009

Welcome to the Party


Like the title says..... Welcome to the Party. The ONE party.... (system that is).

Listening to the new reports, one might suppose the Republicans have some sort of power now. "President Obama meets with the congressional Republicans". "President Obama sends a message to Republicans".

He appeared to be sending a message to Republicans as he warned against turning back to the policies of the last eight years and insisted that voters chose a new course in November."

"But despite repeated pleas to Republicans to back the bill, none voted for the bill."

Excuse me for asking silly questions, but............ why?

The reality is this.... We have one party rule of the Federal government, and most of the states. The President, the majority in the House, the majority in the Senate, the majority of governors, the majority of large city mayors, and the majority of large city police chiefs are all of one party.

One..... Party..... Rule.

Why are there news reports about the President going to see Republicans? Whats the point. He can ignore them now, and all the people they represent. He doesn't need them for a blessed thing... his party is the party.... the one party.... that rules.

One..... Party..... Rule.

The Democrats have joined a lofty crew of special note......
(From Wikipedia)

These are all nations of One..... Party..... Rule.

This point, that we now live under one party rule, came to me as I was contemplating how in the world Congress and the President can get away with the 'Massive Debt act of 2009'. How.... how could they mortgage our nation so deeply while thumbing their noses at the public who will be forced to pay the tab on this?

They did it because they want to, and because they can, and because there is nothing and no one that can stop them. Checks and balances are a thing of the past, and Congress answers to no one. They have pulled so many bone headed stunts, performed so many individual and collective criminal acts, and all without being called to the mat for it.

Write checks on money not there? Sure. Not pay their taxes? Sure. Take money from lobbyists and special interests in exchange for favorable legislation? Sure. Act like petty tyrants untouchable by the laws they create? Why, sure. Why not?

There might be some comfort in the idea of our form of government, a Constitutional Republic. Some comfort... if the congress did not regard the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as slightly inconvenient old documents to be nodded at occasionally, and mostly ignored. If it truly was a nation of laws and Law, where all people are treated equally under the law, and all laws were based on the founding principles, then that would provide hope.



Sparrow said...

He woos the Republicans so that he can claim he is "post-partisan" and so that the Dems can say "But THEY voted for it too!!" when the insanity of the Fiscal Suicide Bill becomes evident even to the left.

Crucis said...

I read this post just after you published it. It disturbed me.
I'm usually an optimistic person. I believe in preparedness but at my core, I'm still optimistic that events will still turn out for the better.

I thought about this for awhile. Did some checking, read some news on some on Drudge and the MSM sites, read some from Michelle Malkins and As much as I want to deny it, you're correct.

In the '50s, there was a TV show called "The Life of Reilly" starring William Bendix. Reilly's constant comment when he found himself in trouble was, "What a revoltin' development this is!"

Reilly is right. It is a revoltin' development.

Old NFO said...

Yep, it's ugly... no question.