Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Two hour delay? Whoo Hoo! (stream of thought posting...)

Funny thing that... how we instructors might enjoy a two hour snow delay more than any students ever will. We are more experienced at it, and know how to pray harder.

Saw: Yesterday morning I watched a young man drive off the snow covered road and c
enter punch his bumper into a telephone pole. It was an old suburban with a real metal bumper (remember when trucks had actual bumpers?). It was all in slow motion... I saw him slowing to make the turn, so I made sure to stay back a hundred feet or so from the intersection. He just drifted sideways off the road at a few miles an hour and hit the pole.... BONK. Small crease in the bumper, and a large lesson learned about winter driving :-)

Noted: Brigid has a very read worthy post up, and a new poster on her side bar. It was all I could do to restrain myself from painting the screen with coffee. Hint... look for the Black Labrador (g). Her blog is a daily read in any case, but it just gets better and better all the time.

Eating: So... two hours relax t
ime this morning, with fresh coffee and fresh Bacon infused Corn bread (Serious YUM factor going on there).

Last night I baked a cast iron pan full of peppered bacon. Yes, baked. Just lay out the bacon in the pan and crank the oven to 350. Come back in 15-20 minutes to perfect bacon with no spatter or mess.

I pulled the bacon from the pan to cool, and poured off all the grease. This left a hot pan coated with bacon grease and lots of crunchy little bits of heavenly bacon goodness. Then, I mixed up two boxes of Jiffy corn bread mix, and chopped the bacon into it in small bits. Add a big pinch of dried onjions and some parsley. Re-heat the pan a bit, pour in the mix, and into a 400 degree oven it goes for 20 minutes.

Bacon flavored bacon-bit filled corn bread..... WRRaaaRRRRRRrrr! This morning, just to challenge the cholesterol gods, I added a little dab of butter to a heated slice of the corn bread. Hands down, really really good yummers here.

Thinking: Now, time to relax and think about future shooty posts over on Carteach0. I had so much fun researching the shoot-from-a-pocket thing that I want to continue. I need ideas.... what kind of "I always heard about but never saw" things can I explore at the range? All with photos, video, and blog posts of course... (g). I am working on a post about tap/rack failure drills, and on another of putting together a defensive shotgun. Other than that, ideas are running thin this morning. Maybe more corn bread will help the process :-)

Ya'll have a fun day my friends. I'm going to relax here a while, and then slither my way into work for another wonderful day with the youngens :-)

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