Sunday, February 22, 2009

Steak and two up

Breakfast.... and a hearty one at that. No dainty omelet here, nor pastry like pancakes from a box, or worse, a plastic bottle.

Steak. A piece of meat treated to a salty rub and seared in an iron pan before finishing in a 500 degree oven. While the steak sizzles away, fresh local eggs from free range chickens are broken into another iron pan on the range. Melted butter moves aside to cradle the eggs, bubbling gently as the whites firm up and the yolks stiffen. Not cooked till tough, but just so, with the brilliant yellow yolks still wiggling.

Dusted with fresh ground black pepper, the eggs are timed to finish moments after the steak is pulled from the oven and plated. The sunny side eggs take their place next to the mouth watering beef, and the whole becomes breakfast in short order.

There are few sauces for a steak that can beat the yolks of fresh eggs, gently fried in butter.

Now.... go make yourself something good to eat. You deserve it.


Old NFO said...

Oh thanks... I'm stuck with hotel food all week...sigh...

Christina LMT said...