Thursday, February 12, 2009

Low blood coffee level = random thoughts


So... what would happen to a man.... say, a small business owner... who just decided to opt out of the financial and tax system? If he shut down his bank account, went to an all cash and barter business, and arbitrarily deciding how much tax he was going to pay... say 10%.

Yes.... I understand what would happen to him.

Now... say he, and a number of his friends did this. Lets say it spread... to an entire small town. Lets also say the town was surprisingly self sufficient and really needed little from the rest of the country. What would happen to them?

They aren't hurting anyone, they aren't recruiting, they simply decided to live their lives by their own idea of right and wrong, including how much of their wealth they'll contribute to the so called 'common good'. They decided they are free, and not slaves, and that freedom is worth whatever risk it brings.

What would happen to this small town?

What would happen if it was two small towns?


A State?


Jean said...

I like the way you think.
I'd love to see this happen!

Anonymous said...

There are some parts of Texas lawyers cannot travel through, being officers of the court. Those guys are practicing tax "Avoision" they call it, because TX didn't join the US properly in 1836--or something. But the local power structure is in on it, they have too many guns, and the Feds are scared to deal with it.

Old NFO said...

I'd bet the Feds in various shapes/forms would be down on those people like the proverbial flies on a cow patty...