Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Erk? Morning ALREADY?


Yesterday was a long one in school. We began our State Inspection section, and it's knuckled down to serious business. The boys need this license to get a job and compete in the market place. The smart ones... the ones who care... are taking it very seriously. Sadly, this is the time of year when the ones who don't care really stand out. It makes for a long day, somehow.

I came home in the mood to quietly write, and a Carteach0 post was thus hatched. This one about shooting pocket pistols from..... the pocket. It was an interesting experiment, and I learned a few things from it. A few of the best gun bloggers extol the virtues of hammerless snubbies, and I'm now ready to climb on that wagon.

The writing was relaxing, and an excellent way to unwind after a stressful day. You
know.... a day like today is going to be (g).
We continue State Inspection theory (as we will for the next two weeks) and move into subchapter E (code). This will be fun... explaining vehicular code to high school seniors, and then telling them techs don't enforce it, we are just required to know it.

Ah well... perhaps we'll get the snow thats forecast, and be greeted by a beautiful blanket of soothing white joy this afternoon.

Perhaps I'll go shoot trap under the lights tonight, at the club. Trap, lights, snow, wind........ now that would be fun! "PULL!... BANG..... crap!, PULL! Bang.... crap!".


Old NFO said...

Go take a few frustrations out! :-)

Shrugged said...

Nope, not tonight. Too cold, and the snow shut down the shoot I think.

No.... I have a hot cup of tea and a warm notebook PC. I'm working on an article for Carteach0, and thats my way of relaxing. At least, it is tonight (g).