Sunday, February 1, 2009

And then it rained dirt.........

Range time again today, and middle son with me too.

He was kind enough to operate the camera while I was shooting some drills, and thus I have material for upcoming Carteach0 posts.

In this one I am practicing a rapid draw and point shooting at close range. At the end of the video, after firing, the dirt kicked up comes raining down on my head (g). Son was kind enough to observe I was lucky to have so little hair, so the mud had nothing to cling to.

Yup.... genetics. It's a cast iron $!#@%.


Old NFO said...

Good clearing on the off hand. I swing mine behind me (simulated clear of grabbing hand).

Somerled said...

Hell, think about all the global warming us bald and balding guys are not causing with hair driers.