Tuesday, January 27, 2009


A few thoughts from the day

It looks like the last Congressional debt increase plan will work out something like the last one. They'll come up a with a phone book sized wish list of ways to spend future tax money, with no regard to the opinions of those they represent. Most of the money will be wasted, or spent on greasing political skids and paying off supporters.

I have always been firmly against our nation being a 'democracy', with rule by public acclaim. On the other hand, with public sentiment running nine to one against more wild spending, I can wish for just a little 'representation' here. The last stimulus (debt) bill also had 90% of the public against it, but that didn't even slow the %$#@!%$@ down.


I have a terrible thought... that this last election was the last chance we had to make the right choices. We are at a point in this grand social experiment where the actual taxpayers who support government spending are just barely a majority of possible voters. If The Obama's plan of reducing the number of people who pay taxes comes to fruition, actual tax payers will be in the minority of voters.

That means those who suck from the government tit, and those in government who support them, will have full capability to rape and pillage tax payers at will without regard to political consequences. There won't be enough tax payers to stop them, even if they were fully organized and voted in a solid block.

Remember Thatcher's quote: "The trouble with Socialism is eventually you run out of other peoples money". Those in power have shown an astounding ability to disregard reality in favor of political expediency. They have voted ever huger debts upon tax payers, while at the same time buying votes of the lower classes by eliminating their taxes and expanding government welfare in all its various forms. Add to this dangerous mix the incredible damage to our economy by insane regulation, which has led to impending wholesale business collapse. Put together as a package........ and I am almost ready to declare Ayn Rand an optimistic prophetess.


A minor, but glaring example of the insanity: While moving to 'bail out' an automotive industry with heavy loans, The Obama and Congress are at the same time looking at hitting this same industry with increased emissions and fuel mileage regulations that will further bury it in debt and unsellable product. Money fresh from the inflationary 'ones and zeros' press has been sunk into an industry already smothered by regulations and unions, while even more onerous regulations are being rushed into place.

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