Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thoughts on Congress.....


Have you ever watched a congressional hearing in action? Even once? (go ahead, we won't tell anyone.... our little secret). How about just flipped channels and lingered on C-span for longer than a Nanosecond?

Next time you do, remember a few simple tidbits.....

The person testifying before the hearing? You know, the poor sweaty sap they are drilling and grilling? That person had to swear an oath to tell the truth, punishable by jail or fines. Understand that part, right? Now the kicker..., and the part that must be remembered..... The CongressCritters up on the big bench swore no such oath. They can say anything they darn well please almost without retribution. True, false, valid, or pure drug driven lunacy, they are almost immune. Almost I say, but not quite...... and that's the second thing to remember when you listen to them critters from the district of confibulation.....

Congress had to come up with special rules just for congress on what they can say, but only about each other! Congresscritters may not, specifically, no matter the evidence, publicly call each other 'Liar' or 'thief', amongst other terms.

Think about it... they made it against the rules to call each other liar in public, no matter how true it might be. HMMmmmmm..... Now what does that say about Congress in general?

Me, I tend to believe they are right. Without such rules they would probably spend all day and every day just calling each other names. More to the point, I am prepared to also believe everything they say, but only about each other.

Just once I'd like to see a witness get up and say: "I swore to tell the truth, would you silly buggers up there take the same oath right now in front of those cameras??"

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