Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday morning blog walk


Up early, and I could have slept better. Now, I'm sipping coffee and browsing blogs. This is becoming a Sunday morning ritual for me. Wake before the house, make coffee, and read through my entire blog roll. In some ways these folks have become part of my life, and that puts lie to the idea the Internet is dehumanizing. In almost every case, I have never met these people, yet I know something about each of them. While I would never bother reading a gossip column or a social page (do they still have those?), these blogs are a regular stop for me. Personal blogs are like windows into someones world, and the blog owner controls just how far the shades are drawn, and on what days.

Most every morning, especially on weekends, my activities are the same. Make coffee, do the necessary hygiene stuff, and then turn to my computer. I read E-mail first, because a few folk's words are very important to me. After that, I check in with my tribe in the blog world.

I have to wonder at that priority... and what it says about me... and those I care about. I also wonder if I'm on anyone else's 'read each day' list.

Here's what the blog walk found this morning:

  • Liberty Sphere has some BHO history worth noting.
  • Xavier has good and bad. Good... a news report on women arming themselves. Bad, the ugliest Colt I have ever seen. I didn't know the words 'ugly' and 'colt' could be used in the same sentence till now.
  • Ambulance Driver is hawking his book, which you just know has to be a goodun. I'm a little short on cash now, what with doing my part to run the BATF out of 4473 forms. If anyone buys two of AD's books, and has a spare...... :-)
  • Bayou Renaissance Man finds the most unusual items... enough to make a regular series out them. Just go and read.... nothing is more entertaining than people doing dumb things.
  • Caleb mentions that the 'Gun Nutz' I-net radio show is now available on iTunes podcast. Also take note of his header, where he rubs his kewl kid 'Gun Blog 9' pistol in our noses.
  • Chromed Curses now has a very special thermometer on her sidebar (snerk).
  • Cowboyblob is in MY neck of the woods, and never even said Hi! What is the world coming to? Of course, he's a bit North of me, judging by all the white crud he's driving through.
  • Cowtown Cop shows images of how he's building an AR project. Excellent!
  • Cranky Prof does onion soup. I loves me some onion soup! Now I have to make it too...
  • Frank James.... is Frank James. I wish I had him for a neighbor.
  • I suppose you all know that Squeaky is getting married, right?
  • Rob Allen found an interesting interview with a hippy dippy, who just got what she asked for. Ask gubermint to regulate everyone and everything, and they will.
  • RobertaX and Tam went to teh Indy1500 gun show. Normally I'd be green over that, but not this time. It was packed jowl to jowl, and that's not my bag. I get kinda twitchy when the crowd is so heavy that breathing must be synchronized. NO sign of a shortage of customers at gun shows. That little factoid is telling us something.... something important.
  • Jean pulls at heart strings, with beautiful words.
  • Phlegmfatale has gone to the dogs..... but dang it, they are cute.
  • Pat takes us back to an important piece of history, the Tet offensive.
  • Oleg is my photographic hero. Besides, he hangs out with pretty girls, a lot.
  • Outbacknotes.... has time to relax and think. In toady's world, that's not always a good thing. The thoughts that get thunk are not always happy ones.
  • Og is just having fun with people. Whether they want it or not (g).
  • Marko has tossed off the trappings of computerish stuff and gone retro! Of course, he then blogged it in a kewl way. Oh, and he's almost done his latest book. I wish I knew the title, and those of his other books. I'd like to buy and read them. You know they have to be good.
  • And, best of all, Brigid has another piece up that takes the breath away. I won't quote it here..... that would steal the thunder of her writing. Just go read it.

My plans for today are simple... in fact, they are so simple they almost don't exist. I'm going to relax a while till this blasted headache fades, then do a few simple chores. Re-plumb a hot water heater that's leaking, and clean some guns that need it. I have a few firearms that belong to a friend, and are in need of care. Mild surface rust and that sort of thing. It might make a good Carteach0 post, showing how to remove such ugliness without harming the finish.

I may work at the jewelers bench for a while, if inspiration strikes. The photo below is what happened when I tried it yesterday, and I'm not proud of it. I'm told people buy such things.... but I make what I make because I like them, not because they sell well. The simple fact is, they don't. As a hobby, it barely pays for itself. On the other hand.... I enjoy learning the skills of a custom jewelry maker. It takes years to be good at it.... and thats an interesting challenge. Working with silver and stone is unlike anything else I have tried.


Brigid said...

Thanks for the great links, and the link myself.

I spent the later part of the morning reading and catching up on the great reads, including these.

Day of rest. . day of contemplation.

Old NFO said...

A good day when one can do as he/she pleases without any set path!

Farmer Frank said...

I would be glad to have you for a next door neighbor.

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Christina LMT said...

Your jewelry is beautiful!
I do almost the same thing as you. Every morning, after getting ready for work, I eat my breakfast at the computer while reading through my blogroll. And yes, you're on it!