Saturday, January 31, 2009

Range day

I was able to spend some time at the range today, and despite the cold it was a well spent few hours. Much of the shooting was with goals in mind, and was gathering fodder for future Carteach0 blog posts.

Investigating the idea of building myself a defensive shotgun out of a Remington 870 express hunting gun, I tried out a few buckshot loads with the original barrel. Sellier and Bellot O/O and Federal #4 buckshot both gave excellent performance, and good baseline data for when I switch out to a cylinder bore short barrel.
Next, my brand new vintage JC Higgins Model 80 (aka High Standard Duramatic).
The old pistol performed like a dream. It digested 200 rounds of rimfire ammunition of three different types, all without a hiccup. It never once failed to feed, nor did it seem to foul very badly even with the cheapest .22 ammo.

The first magazine load off the bench at 50 feet landed in a group about an inch wide, and I can't complain about that. It shoots an inch to the left, and I can drift the rear sight for that. It also shoots about four inches high, but I will not alter either sight to bring that down. I have the original box and all the papers, so altering the firearm is out of the question. It may have collectible value for someone.

I will confess.... over 100 rounds of that ammo was shot chasing dirt clods around the icy range. I had forgotten just how much fun plinking can be !

I like this pistol, but I think it might be better off with someone who collects the High Standards and their variants. I'll probably put it up for sale sometime in the near future. I'll replace it with a Ruger 22/45, most likely. If Brigid likes them.... who can argue with that?

The antique 1934 Beretta also got a try at bat. This was my first time shooting it since buying it almost a month ago. I have to say.... I am mightily pleased. It functions perfectly. Flawlessly smooth, feeding superbly even with the warm .380 defensive hollow point loads I was shooting. The first seven rounds were at the head of a silhouette target, and I was very pleasantly surprised. Despite the minimal sights, it's an accurate old weapon and shoots exactly to point of aim.

For an upcoming Carteach0 post, I have decided to investigate exactly what happens when a pocket pistol is fired from..... well...... a pocket. The Beretta was the first subject for the testing, and I managed to get some video of the actual shooting to post later.

I'll save the details for the Carteach0 post, which will be written after more research. There are still two of three more pistols to try, and several pair of pants and a jacket or two to destroy (g). Lets just say.... I can see where wheel guns may have an advantage here.

I had SO much fun..... I'm going back tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Very cool, thanks for sacrificing a pair of jeans or two for the cause. Looking forward to seeing your findings...

Shrugged said...

No sacrifice. The jeans cost $3 at goodwill. After I am done blowing holes in them, they will be cut up to make gun cleaning rags and bore patches.

Must be a wee bit'a Scot in me. (g).