Friday, January 30, 2009

In honor of the debt act of 2009....

Dinner tonight shall be cooked in honor of the Democrat massive debt act of 2009, which followed their debt act of 2008.

The main dish is PORK, as in pork butt steak. I can't think of anything more appropriate than a big slab of juicy pork to commemorate one of the final nails in our economic coffin. Between last year and this, that makes about three trillion dollars in new debt which Congress has hung around our necks.

As a fellow instructor and I were commenting today.... there are only two places that money can com
e from. Crank up the presses (hyper inflation) or tax the working people of the nation. That's it, there is no other source for government to grab money from.

Larry Correia described the bill well in his post: Pork Pork Porkety PORK!

Suitably Flip
has a wonderful graphic to help understand the shear 'Massivisity'* of this insanity. It would take the humor of Terry Pratchett or Scott Adams to even begin making this understandable in human terms. We'd have to invent new words, like 'Bogusity'* or 'Swillmensity'* or even 'Demwhackity'*.

Click on the graphic to read it better... and put it in perspective. For the price of this load of carp bilging it's way through Congress as I write, we could fight a fair sized war and recreate the space program and buy a few more states to play with.

* Yes, I made those words up. Live with it. I'm technically, legally, and morally allowed to do that because I am a teacher. I have the bills from several colleges to prove it.

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