Saturday, January 17, 2009


It's a might bit early in the morning, and I would have enjoyed sleeping in till eight or so. That's not to be, as my body will not make that switch so easily. I get up at 5:30 each day, and my twisted hind brain choses to inflict that reality on me even on weekends.

So.... hot coffee, a warm internet, and a few quiet hours to myself. I guess I can fire off some bullets....

  • My oldest boy works for Circuit City. Yes, that store, the one that begins liquidation in a few hours. He's an in-store tech, and figures his services will no longer be required in a week or two. It's not a good economy to be job hunting, even with his computer technical skills.
  • There is a military rifle shoot on Sunday, which I intend to attend. This trip, I think the Yugo Mauser will be on duty. It's not as easy to shoot well as my Turk, but it's classy and fun. Fifty eight rounds of heavy 8x57mm surplus ammo, fired on a day when it will be 30 degrees and snowing. (Big Grin).
  • Speaking of shooting..... I allowed my club membership to expire. Now I cannot renew, but must reapply. That means making it to a once-monthly meeting and being voted back in, after sitting through the orientation again. I have no big problem with that.... it was my own fault I let it lapse. On the other hand, I don't know when it will happen. Club meetings are once a month, on a Monday evening, and I usually teach class on Monday evenings. I may not be a member there for some time.... so I'll have to find another local club that I can make it to. Drat.
  • Also speaking of shooting..... I scored a box of Aguila sniper sub-sonic .22 ammunition. This stuff has a 60 grain bullet, loaded in a .22 short case, with just a dab of powder. Overall length is the same as long rifle. It will be interesting to see if this ammunition will shoot from a 1/16 twist .22 rimfire barrel. If it's as quiet as I think it will be, the back yard will suffice for testing.
  • I'm looking forward to a relaxing/recovering day today. This past week was hard. Relaxing means puttering, for me. So I'll light off the wood stove in the workshop (it is FOUR degrees here) and work on a few pieces of jewelry. I'll also likely try out that Aguila ammo in a CZ452 and my new antique Higgens 80. In fact, I might just set up a backstop in the workshop.... :-)
  • Obama inauguration..... Two million people expected. Five thousand porta pots. Lets see..... divide by....carry the.... to the power of..... That works out to four hundred people per stink shack. I sure hope most of them don't have to go. Then again, it might give all those Obama voters a good look at what they are in for over the next eight years. Knee deep $#@!.
  • Ayn Rand's book The Fountainhead deeply impressed me when I was a young teenager. My friend and I discussed it long into the night. Later, her book Atlas Shrugged put me in shock for a while. At the time, I described it as "A description of our society, past present and future, that's been 100% spot on so far". Now the situation seems to be accelerating. This article in the WSJ mentions it, although I disagree with his conclusions about Shrugged. It's not looking pretty out there folks.
  • Kalifornia is moving to issue IOU's rather than tax refunds. They are also thinking about doing the same with welfare checks (issue IOU's instead). They did this before, in 1992, and banks went along with the gag. I'm not so sure they will this time. Kalifornia does not appear to be a good credit risk. Two thoughts spring to mind.... Those tax refunds? That is other peoples money the state has confiscated... and now they are saying they aren't giving it back. I predict very harsh grumbling amongst the sheeple in Kali. The welfare payments? The people getting that largess paid for by unwilling taxpayers may do more than grumble. The political left has been telling them they are entitled to our (taxpayer) earnings for so long, they might get unruly when the checks stop coming. Don't be shocked by 'welfare riots'. Day two of the Obama administration, look for some deeply Liberal Democrat states to start calling in markers at Obama's door. They delivered votes for the shyster, and now those state politicos will want their payoffs ASAP.

Friends, it's time for another cup of coffee. Maybe I'll warm a pan and cook up some peppered bacon, to go with a few sunny side's. Today is relax day.... and I'm going to begin right now!

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Willorith said...

Good Sir:
I have several boxes of sub sonic 60 gr Aguila ammo. They are yours if you want them. They do not stabilize in my 1:16 twist 10-22. There is a 1:9 twist barrel available. I can't justify another barrel for my $200 rifle that has cost $1,000 so far. It shoots very fine with Federal match ammo. Send me your address and these will come winging to you.