Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pocket meme

This is an easy meme.... Just take a photo of your daily pocket stuffins and post it.

  • Schrade multi tool in a leatherman pouch.
  • Palm 'Life Drive' PDA
  • Reading glasses
  • Cell phone (neato mil spec use-in-the-shower type)
  • Small bit of cash (I'm poor ya know)
  • Pen, sharpie, and laser pointer (for school purposes and confusing cats)
  • Gerber Paraframe folding knife
  • Cheap Timex watch, that lasts for years in tough use.
  • My building electronic key card and ID card on a lanyard.
  • Keys on a snap ring
On weekends and evenings, add in a pistol, spare magazine, and a wallet, and then delete the PDA and ID lanyard.

Feel free to jump in on the meme. Just watch out for personal ID stuff.


Brigid said...

Don't have pockets.

I wear my jeans too tight.


Shrugged said...

I am... ah..... Okay with that (g)