Tuesday, December 16, 2008

News flash! Obama forgets own name... seeks legal advice

Let me get this straight..... Barak Husein Obama can't remember whether or not he talked to the governor of his own state, so he had to have an attorney investigate it for him so he'd know what to say?


Great... it really IS Clinton part two. He can't recall who he talked to, when, about what, or how those papers got in the library either. What does 'is' mean? I don't know.... ask somebody who's competent.

And this nation just voted to put senor clownus in charge of our nuclear arsenal?


"As for the governor, Obama told a news conference Monday that an internal investigation by his transition team shows that he had no direct contact with Blagojevich about the appointment of a replacement for Obama in the Senate and that his transition aides did nothing inappropriate. Blagojevich, who has the sole authority to appoint Obama's successor, was charged last week with putting the Senate seat up for sale."


Anthony said...

LOL...sounds like Obama went to a party, got drunk, and then, in the morning, had to ask his friends if he did anything that he should be embarrassed about.

Rahm Emanuel:"uh Barry, listen, last night you got drunk and you did not talk to Gov. Blogajevich, but you might have made out with him"

Barry O: "does that count as direct contact?"


Msguy said...

What it really means:
Obama did talk to the governor of his state, and wants to deny it. He is having an attorney investigate it to insure he can deny it without getting caught.

Seems like a "you can't prove it so it never really happened" approach.