Monday, December 22, 2008

Funny looking rocks

I made two pendants today. I guess I got a burn on, and they seemed to happen. Love it when things just flow like that. The first is Ametrine. It's an interesting stone, essentially amethyst and citrine in a meeting vein. This one has rutile intrusions, so there are threads of titanium oxide running through the stone. It's very kewl stuff.

I built a silver spider mount, using two sizes of half-round stock. Larger for the bottom of the stone, and smaller for the top where it's thinner.
This stone fractured on me during polishing, and I had to recut to this shape. I'll call it a happy accident, as I'm pleased with the final shape.

The second is a hand shaped rose quartz stone mounted in heavy sterling silver. The stone is thicker than the ametrine, and heavier, so the the thicker mount makes sense. It balances well.

Both pendants look interesting in the sun. Translucent stones with good color, in sparkling hand made silver work.

Both are for sale at the side bar link.

(update: Rose quartz heart is gone... the first person who touched it, claimed it. That was darn quick!)

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Lin said...

Ahhh geez, that first pendant is stunning! The treasures that nature has created and hidden away never cease to amaze me.