Saturday, November 8, 2008

Twas a fun afternoon at the races

This was red neck racing in all it's highest glory. There was no beer in sight, but duct tape by the case full, and an actual roll of baling wire. In some cases the drivers helmet cost more than the whole car, and representatives were on hand from three local salvage yards to buy up the remains.

The friends I was there with had three generations of racers in attendance, plus Mom and a few siblings. A real family affair... and a very kewl one at that. My buddies car started the 125 lap feature race next to last in a field of 26 cars. He finished twelfth, and that included a 10 lap fall back while we repaired the ignition wiring (vibration is a killer). They didn't make two laps into the feature before someone nailed the wall and flipped his car.... and some others hit the wall in sympathy I think.

More photos will be posted later today... I took about 400, and a few are worth sharing. Click to embiggen any you wish.... and feel free to suggest alternate captions. These were generated with a low blood-coffee level, and can be improved on.

"Hey, was that a deer? Anyone see if it had a rack?"

"C'mon dad! It'll be a great way to advertise the business. You
know... show off our skills"

"Listen hon.... look in the shed. Do you see
a steering wheel laying there? No, I'm NOT kidding"

"Oh man, and this is our ride home!"

"Ok, she's a might warm... but it still runs!"
"Lets race!"


Brigid said...

I love those photos. Going to send a link to this to my folks. They'll love that. Dad likes racing.

Old NFO said...

I miss going to the dirt tracks... THAT is real racing! Good pics, bring back aa lot of memories, including when some of those cars (like the Monte Carlo) were new!

pat houseworth said...

Looks like fun, but a bit late in the season?