Sunday, November 16, 2008

Today, a stone and gem show....

Like a gun show, only with stones, rocks, gems, fossils, and other assorted stuff that came out of the earth. Also jewelry making stuff, beads, bingles, bangles, and a few bee bops too. Just like a gun show, only no guns and no beef jerky.

A cave bear skull, verified by no less than Brigid herself.
She has an amazing depth of knowledge... and identifying this didn't even
manage to stretch her skills a bit. It was priced at $300..... but I just
couldn't think of a stocking I wanted to stuff it in.

Almost any stone, in almost any shape.

Plates made of stone... with the fossils still in.
Now, that is fascinating. I suspected them fake, but the
friend I was with today said not, and I trust her opinion.

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