Friday, November 7, 2008

Hmm.... Friday evening... such a sweet thing it is.

I've never really been one for Chanting 'Friday' all week long, as if it was some vague prayer to the happiness gods. Friday has always been just another day, although usually harbinger to a scenery change. Perhaps it meant more work, but just a different kind. Sometimes 'Friday' means the end of a hard week, and a few days of blessed peace.

This week..... This Friday evening..... it's suddenly very, very sweet. Feet up, cold beverage, and time to reflect back on a full week. Add in some leftover chops and rice, and now it's.... HMMmmmmmmm......

Today was a full and interesting one. I flew solo, my partner being off with the plague or something like that. We started the day shy about 6, so that left me a class of just over 40 to work with. Some more left early for official reasons, and 5 left early..... just because they figured I was too busy to notice.

Well.... that may not have worked out the way they thought it would. I ran an inventory of my angels this afternoon, just to get an official tally of the AWOL. I only do that when I know one is missing, as I must have an accurate count at all times.

I was in the process of doing the necessary minimum write up when the buggers up front ran an unannounced fire drill. Part of that deal is.... I have my days roll with me and have accurate and up to the minute knowledge of the whereabout of every one of my charges. I have about two minutes to achieve this, and lucky for me I had just finished my own surprise roll call. Five missing, and now I had to make it official..... rats.

I think it will be Okay though, and I have the front office Orks willing to leave the errant youngens to my tender mercies. You see, I am highly concerned about their education in our program. Every one of these youths is either failing or scoring poorly, and in every case it's because they'd rather sit than work. In keeping with the their special needs and preferred learning modality (sitting on their butts doing next to nothing) I have devised a very special bit of work for them to accomplish. For grade. For major grade. Uber major.

Using the software that came with our textbooks, I have built a 250 question exam for them that ranges over every section of the curriculum. All in ASE style questions.... and open book. To be done in the theory rooms, where I will keep it nice and quiet for them. Very quiet. In fact, anyone who speaks to them during their special project will be allowed to do the same educational venture.

Now, I don't want to interrupt these young mens social lives, so I will collect the packets at the end of the day, rather than let them take them home to sweat over.
They can work on this each day till done, with lets say, a grade of 90% or better.
That sounds about right...... and anything less than that means I'll give them a fresh copy to try again with. Not the old, marked up, nasty copy. That would be yucky poo.

Yes... I think that fits. I'm not upset they took advantage of my good nature and the stress of the day. Oh no.... In fact I'm mostly just worried about their education. I think they will learn a LOT next week.

Even if it's only....



aepilot_jim said...

boy, lucky they didn't poke you right after you'd come out of hibernation. That might have been messy.

Brigid said...

The Road Warrior has finally returned.

You don't have one of those chops left do you?

Old NFO said...

Get 'em! That should get their attention!

Anonymous said...

...or the Bear will poke YOU!

Hee. Give them hell.