Monday, November 10, 2008

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Besides being the title to one of my favorite western genre movies, it's an apt description for my day so far.

The Good: Most of our students are working along well, and the class stars are excelling wonderfully. It's truly a joy to watch their young minds grinding away at new ideas and installing them in main memory for good.

The Bad: The AWOL students from last Friday, when faced with a discipline assignment that is hard work but can bump their grade, compared to a session with the school disciplinarian and likely suspension.... would rather choose the suspension. They went AWOL because they don't really want to be here, and for them a suspension is like a paid vacation. One student took the assignment, put his heart into it, and is now off the hook and has a clean record.

The Ugly: My evening adult class starts at 4pm. It is 4:02 as I write this. Not a single student has arrived yet. Either some knucklehead fluffed the class dates, or this is a very bad omen for the quality of the class. "We are not amused".


I went on a hike and found my students. Somebody sent them to the wrong classroom. "We are still not amused". Well, not much anyway.


Old NFO said...

Don't feel bad, at least you didn't have to go half way across the country, only to find out the meeting was cancelled! Hang in there, you ARE making a difference!

pat houseworth said...

"Wrong Classroom"...pretty funny, reminds me of me at Ohio University back in the mid 60s....but it was usually on Friday AM after a Thursday night out "clubbing" around Athens...