Monday, November 17, 2008

The auto makers situation compared to our political reality

In reading this piece by Bayou Renaissance man, some thoughts occurred to me.

The argument is made that the auto makers are failing because of union demanded compensation contracts. Now.... I am inclined to think the unions have a great deal to answer for in this situation, as those contracts have seriously hurt the industries ability to react to the market. Yes, the unions and their members carry at least the same share of responsibility as the companies themselves, and the economy in general.

But, I see another correlation. The unions operate as their 'leaders' see fit, and as driven by their members demands. Exactly how is that any different from how our political system works in this nation? A large number of voters have discovered they can vote themselves largess from the treasury, while voting themselves into a position of not being responsible for stocking that treasury.

Said more clearly..... Obama has promised that about 45% of the people in this country will not have to pay income taxes (he carefully neglected to mention all the other taxes they will be paying). He also promised these same people they would have increased benefits from the government, all paid for with OPM (Other Peoples Money). In return.... they voted him into power for the next four years.

Now.... the economy is in trouble, and more so since The One was elected. We are looking at an economic downturn of historical proportions. The money to make good on The One's promises no longer exists, if it ever did.

In a large company, this could mean bankruptcy and dissolution. In a nation, it means......

I don't know what it means.

I do know there are a lot of union members who are now sweating over having possibly killed the golden goose. I also know there are a LOT of Obama voters who are not going to get what they were promised by The One.

Just thinking.....

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Old NFO said...

The Golden Goose was served Nov 5th... end of story...