Saturday, November 8, 2008

Another of Obama's constituancy wonders when he will make good on a promise

As I munch on Sausage and eggs this morning, chased with English muffins and black coffee..... I'm taking some time to read the news.

I see that one of Obama's supportive constituency groups is asking when he'll keep a campaign promise. They were solidly behind him during the election, throwing their powerful endorsement his way, even if the major media failed to make much mention of it. Now they want their payoff, much like many of his other supporters.

The thing is.... these particular Obama supporters make Chicago politics look like kindergarten.

Good luck Herr Obamafuehrer, and I sure hope your heavily armed security detail is up to the job of dealing with these supporters, along with the other 300,000,000 people you made promises to.

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Anonymous said...

Some may laugh, but I already have a "load up the supplies and head for the hills when the shit hits the fan" contingency plan.

I've also got several months' worth of supplies stocked; I plan to lay in more over the next three months.

I truly believe that the shit is going to hit the fan in spectacular manner.