Friday, October 10, 2008

A watchful weekend

I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend about the property, with chores somewhat piled up and needin do'in. 120 rounds of 8x57 match to load, some shrubbery to mangle, a desk to put together.... the list goes on longer than the hours available.

Much of the weekend will be spent relaxing, if possible. It's been a busy week, with numerous opportunities to create mayhem. I started today with nineteen students failing, and ended the day with twelve failing. Now my big toe hurts from repeated impacts.

One thing will be different this weekend..... the house mutt, a Weimaraner named Thunder, cannot be allowed to roam the yards unattended for the near future. Three cougars have been sighted together less than ten miles from here. A man has been attacked by one, three dogs lost as cat food, and local word is the cats were released by the Game Commission as deer population control.

As we say around here.... Industrial Strength Stupidity.

I have a twelve gauge leaning in the corner, loaded with #4 buck, and my 9mm will stay on my belt while I do chores. Dog watch duty involves sitting on the deck, sipping a cold one, while Thunder the wonder mutt does his thing.

A cougar throw rug would be kind of nice to have..... "Come on Thunder... wanna go walkies?"

( Kitty cat update....)

The man who was attacked? He shot and wounded one of the cougars, and a different one attacked him while he was trailing the wounded cat. He got a chunk of the second cat with a pocket knife, after the big cat dropped on him from a tree. The man is an elderly Amishman who found the first big cat stalking his animals. Apparently the attack was the last straw for the Amish community and they called the local newspaper for help. Further word... the Game Commission officers know exactly where the cats are (Gee Mr. Wizard... wonder how that can be? Can we say 'radio tag'? ) and will kill them tomorrow. The push is on to get rid of the cougars fast before they attack someone who will sue the state, unlike the Amishman they could safely ignore.

The local Amish community is tight, and word travels fast amongst them. I'm hearing the story second hand from an 'english' who is friendly with them and spoke with the man who was attacked.

Truth? I have no way of knowing for sure. In any case, Thunder the wonder mutt will have a guard when he goes to pee in the morning. Hope he can wait till after 6am..... sigh.


gryhndldy said...

sounds like your cougar rug will have to wait for another time.

William the Coroner said...

Me, I root for the cats, but the Amish are inoffensive, and have enough problems.

I wouldn't mind if there were tigers in Ohio, though. Eat some stupid people.