Saturday, October 25, 2008


The wind here is dancing to some psychotic drummers beat, and rain is splattering in the occasional fitful sheet.

Fall leaves that colored the world in riotous clamor are beaten to the ground, and tomorrow's sunrise will find trees thinned, and beauty heaped in a dampened mound.

A day of transition, from one world to another. Little to do today but watch, and play my small part. It's a free moment, without plans, and the fretful winds outside hold no fear. Instead, their own special enjoyment.

Today... quiet contemplation of a changing world. Maybe a ride down to the river, just to watch the wind mutter across the water.

After a week of immersion with my students, in a universe so fast paced it induces nausea to the unsmitten, I relish a quiet day without demanding voices at each turn.

Looks like a nice day.

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