Saturday, October 11, 2008

Put 'em ALL on the box!

A cute story out of Indiana..... A candidates debate where one side proposed having both candidates wired for the event. HMMmmmm.... interesting idea, and naturally shot down at once.

It would be great entertainment, but I think it would be of little use.
I've spent a few hours on the box at various times in my life, so my experience is limited. In one case the genius running the test left it where I could see it, and I spent a joyful hour confusing the man with his readings till he figured out what I was doing. "Wait.... you ARE an alien creature from planet ten???".

I don't think Polygraphs work well with professional prevaricators, and certainly not with those who believe their own lies. I know they don't work so well with folks who practice in advance, as a congresscritter would be bound to.

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