Sunday, October 19, 2008

Match making

Today, I made it to the last rifle match of the season.

Excellent time, perfect weather, decent shooting.... and almost hit my high score again.

365 out of 500 possible, and my personal best was 390 something. I'm happy with that.
Imagine if I had practiced......

The Grand Old Turk performed well against all the high dollar AR's and Garands. For a $100 rifle using cobbled together handloads..... I can't complain.

I lost two rounds during the prone rapid fire, but did better than usual for the prone slow fire stage. Not a clean match, but not bad.

A good afternoon, followed by a good dinner out with friends. Their treat, which makes it even better. Some sort of anniversary or something I was told.

Now.... an evening to relax before another hectic long day at school.

You know folks.... Life is good.


Old NFO said...

Nice shooting! Glad it went well, and yes, it's the shooter that counts, not the rifle :-)

Shrugged says: said...

Thanks... it was enjoyable.

I don't try to make it easy. Usually I'm the only one without a sling, aperture sight, shooting jacket, etc.
Just me, the rifle, and my spotting scope. Today I passed on the spotting scope after two sighter rounds. The Turk shot straight.... everything after that was me.