Saturday, October 11, 2008

Like and dislike

Like: The smell of woodsmoke in the air. It speaks of comfort, warm fires on cool evenings, and peace.

Dislike: Not being able to find my 8x57mm neck sizing die since I moved. Snarl.

Like: Home made meatloaf with fresh Cole Slaw on the side. A very wise friend taught me the wonder of fresh cole slaw slathered on a grilled burger, and what is meat loaf but a burger cooked to a different standard?


Brigid said...

See - I told you the coleslaw on top of the beef burger is good.

I like meatloaf actually, but tonight I'm too full to do more than have some tea and nibble on a piece of dark chocolate.

Somerled said...

My kids love me when I fix meatloaf. It is made the way you make biscuits. It is a bit different with each batch. Mom makes the cole slaw. Hers is excellent. She's still here. I'll have good memories and a challenge to get the dressing just right when she's not here.