Sunday, October 26, 2008

I didn't have the heart...

Last week in the school shop, I heard a student who had a radio playing in a vehicle. This is almost.... almost.... a hanging offense. You can figure out reasons why.

As I gathered up my bark and growl, heading over.... I re-accessed. The boy was working on his own car, a great student... and he was quietly listening to Johnny Cash as he wired up a power source for his new CB radio.

The red neck who lives deep in my soul reared up and slapped me over the head.... I told the boy to keep it quite.... and let me borrow the CD some day.

I walked away whistling Folsom Prison blues to myself.

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Earl said...

Ah, true authority with a rational and artistic value scale... good job, you did tell him, but you made big points in the how you did it. You must be a great teacher.