Thursday, October 16, 2008

The gutter god speaketh....

Arriving home this afternoon, I noticed the gutters on the front of the house to be in poor shape. Two parts sagging, and a few telltale leaves that spoke of unwelcome plantage growing in inopportune spots.

I got a ladder, tools, hardware, and a hose. Inside twenty minutes I had the gutters repaired. Ten minutes of hose work later Gthula the gutter god had vomited enough crud on me to build a new roof. I was a MESS... but the gutters worked fine.

Now I have had a shower... and wait for a steak to finish cooking on the grill.
Seared off, then showered with onions and butter to roast slow in an iron
fry pan on a covered grill.... I earned that steak.

I'll eat it while I watch the rain fall...... and hear the water running the gutters as meant to.

1 comment:

ksr said...

that is the great part about that type of chore...when it starts working independently. need rain, first.