Sunday, October 26, 2008

Atlas shrugging?

I hadn't planned on posting again today, except for an auto-post of trail photos. But, I hadn't planned on getting riled up either (thanks Tam).

H/T to Tam for passing this on, a post by Dr. Helen.

Ayn Rand proposed a future world that is eerily close to the truth, although in time dilated form to fit her story. She used the story to display her objectivist philosophy, of which I am a proponent.

In the story, 'John Galt' persuades those who do the thinking and producing for the world to go on strike. To combat being socially and financially raped by a sick society, they went on strike and refused to provide their minds any longer.

Dr. Helen asks for ideas on how the 'John Galt's ' of today can shrug, refuse to bear the load any longer. THAT is a tough question.

The world is rigged to keep the slaves alive and working, in harness and pulling without choice. Chained by their own greed, and desires of comfort, few would choose the hard path of tossing off the load. In Rand's story, people dropped tools and walked away, into a world that does not exist today. There is no 'away' to walk into anymore. For all but the most powerful the chains are tight, inescapable. Walk away, and go where?

What can the common workers do to shrug off the unfair load? Their biggest single outlays are taxes. A sizable chunk disappears into the socialist government's maw before a paycheck is ever seen. All down the line, purchase after purchase, need after need, money is siphoned off to feed the beast. In every case, by people who 'have no choice' and who work in a system rigged to leave no choice.

Do you want to make a statement that your work belongs to you? That the reward for producing in society should not be a kick in the n#ts?


Monday I'm going to see the business office and bounce my withholding to minimum. Declare eleventy zillion dependents. Yes, at tax time I'll be writing a check. In the meantime the government can do without my pennies. I'll stick them under the mattress with a lead key.

I'm going to actively look for every way possible to cut what I pay in taxes... ALL taxes. Soon, I will cut back on work hours as well. Give up teaching some evening classes. No, there's no one else there who can do those classes that I know of. They may just end... and the state will lose one more place to certify inspectors.

My kids... my students...I can't see giving up on them.

In the last year I have worked to strip away the looters in my life, and learned to say NO.
That process is not easy, after years of bearing the load. Yes, John Galt was and is on my mind, as is Rand's philosophy. It colors my view on everything now and it gets stronger each day as the looters get more frantic in their demands.

A president who thinks working people should pay their wages to those who don't work? "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need". The Marxist creed finds a bare faced home in this election, and in our government for the last forty years.

The red neck in my soul is flashing a common hand signal, and holding up a sign that says "Bite Me!".

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Somerled said...

If you're going to try Brigid's experiment, only eat there once if the server swings left. You can't reason with people who have been reared in our society's equivalent of a madrassa. They deserve "respect". If someone doesn't "respect" them, they slash your tires or spit on your order.

Of course, they do this in a childlike and cowardly way--when one isn't looking. It's class warfare. All is fair in war.

One can see the difference between one who thinks they are entitled and one who doesn't quick enough.

What's really bizarre is that all those people who think they're getting something free from government pay uncountable hidden fees. The federal income tax lulls us into forgetting all the other ways anyone who has ever forked over a dollar pays for government "fixes". Obama will indeed spread wealth around--into the growing black hole known as the national debt.