Saturday, September 20, 2008

Welcome to the blog roll....

Notes from the American Outback
and Downright Dusty have joined my blog roll off to the left there.

What my blog roll is about...... It's there for my convenience more than any other reason. These are folks I like to visit with, and having them all lined up over there just makes it easier for me.

To make it to the roll.... the blog was recommended to me, and I bookmarked it in my browser. If I find myself going after the bookmark on a regular basis, then clearly it needs to get listed on the blog roll in order to save my lazy butt the extra clicks of accessing the bookmarks. Thats about it.... all about me as usual (g).

And..... I recommend each and every one of them as good reading material. Fine folks over there on the blog roll.


Somerled said...

Thanks for adding my small contribution to the blogosphere to your roll. I have a touch of aphasia and it is tough to keep it fresh.

Shrugged says: said...

You are welcome!

Brigid said...

Both are excellent reads, and fine men with good values, worth getting to know.