Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Someone has been beating me with a stick......

And I am whooped. Flat running most of the day, keeping ahead of the students.

We got all our new tables assembled, the old ones broken down, built twelve new tables from the scrap as a present for the school, and redid all four safety tests.

We wore most of them out, but I think they like it that way.

I have grades caught up, for every blessed one of them. That was stack of papers eight inches high. Of our 54 students right now, 30 are failing their first week of school. We are still working on the whole "You can't sit around BS'ing and survive this program" thing. We are also teaching them the "If you don't do the work and hand it in on time, you will get a big fat ZERO" lesson. On top of that, the "Sign in or you are absent, and two different schools and your folks are going to jump on your @$$" education is ongoing.

Tomorrow, an hour of notes, then a training video with a test (must pass 100%). After lunch, jacking demo with a task issued, then lab time. Thursday, an hour of theory with notes, lifting demos, and another task. Friday, another test, two hours of theory, another task, and lab time.

The thing is..... none of them are quitting. Well, two did early on, but none are quitting now. Other programs are losing students, getting to comfortable levels.... but no matter how hard we push none of ours are bailing out.

What the heck are we doing wrong? (g).

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