Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My, does the coffee taste good this morning

Two long days down, two more to go... then a normal day and a normal weekend. I can taste it.....

Phone boy is back to work.... but moping. So be it.... he'll learn his life lesson. The whole class survived hours and hours of fastener theory, and I think they have the idea now. Class life can be challenging but fun, or it can be challenging and horrendous. Their choice.

On the whole, the group is shaping up surprisingly well. A few of the students are in over their heads, and we'll have to rely on a sluggish system to get them better placed. As much as I push, it takes time to overcome burro-cratic inertia. Other students are displaying excellent talent and work ethics. Those we need to challenge more. That's actually tougher that helping the slower ones. Have to devote some brain cells to the problem.....

Today.... lighter theory, more shop time, and clean the place up later. It's getting hogged up as the students slip in their personal discipline. All part of the teaching plan.... we clean when it needs it, and when it needs it is up to them. If they work clean, we don't stop to tear the place down. That's a hard lesson for kids who have had someone else clean up after them their whole lives. The farm kids get it fast.... the others take a little longer.

Tonight I test my latest adult Emissions Certification class. This one is for the license, for the money. I'm hoping for an 80% pass rate, but no way to tell till pencil hits the test form.

Meanwhile, I can always rely on Joe Biden for entertainment.....

Way to go Crazy Joe!

Oh well.... time to go make the donuts. Ya'll have a good day, Ya hear?


Anonymous said...

"adult emissions."

You don't want to know how long I giggled over that.

Shrugged says: said...

I have an idea..... :-)

Brigid said...

I'm still chuckling at old Joe talking about FDR being on TV talking about the depression bailout.

Wrong President. And no TV's back then.

And he says McCain is "old and out of touch"