Wednesday, September 3, 2008

'Go to what you know'

In the movie Ronin, two of the characters are in a cafe, discussing how to find a third character who's betrayed them. Typical spy/action/noir stuff. DeNiro is trying to get in the head of his opponent, who's on the run, and keeps repeating the phrase "You go to what you know"

That's exactly what the liberal media and the Democrats are doing right now as they are faced with a McCain/Palin ticket. For the first time since Reagan they have to deal with a rival voter base who's getting energized. Not as much now by the need to vote against a candidate, but the possibility of having a candidate they really want to vote for.

Conservatives LIKE Sarah Palin, and the liberal media know it. They are in trouble, politically, and they know it. They are scared they will lose what they think should have been a slam dunk election powered by 'Obama fever'. They are scared, and as such they are returning to their roots. Sexism, scathing personal attacks, outright and outrageous lies, attempts at character assassination...... all in deeper and vaster amounts daily.

The thing is, as I see it, the major media tactics are backfiring on the liberal media. Not just a little, but big time. Democrats I run into (anecdotally) have gone quiet over the issues, and seem to be reevaluating both their party and it's candidate. Obama, so long a media darling, has become linked inextricably with his liberal major media sycophants. Before, Barak Husein Obama directly drove the media. Now, what the major media does is linked back to Obama and he can't wiggle off that hook.

When the New York Times, who has for so long spoken with Obama's words, begins blasting a working mother who deals with everyday family issues gracefully, the Times is still seen as a Democrat and Obama mouthpiece. This isn't missed by Democratic voters, especially women Democratic voters. The ones I come into contact with range from unsettled to becoming angry. How dare Obama attack a hard working mother and her children!

That smoke around the corner? It's from a huge stinking backfire the Obama campaign just ran into.

It's a whole new ball game I think, but the Liberal major media and the Obama campaign haven't figured it out yet. Too bad for them, very good for McCain and Palin, and high entertainment for us.


DJK said...

What color is the boathouse?????

William the Coroner said...

Cogent assessment. He who lives by the press, dies by the press.

Tam said...

Is that... Morning In America I smell?

Please let it be so!

DJK said...

What color is the boathouse at Hereford?????

The rest came to me later.

pat houseworth said...

The Marxist arm of the DNC(Main Steam Press) is going bonkers!..They and the Obama-Piles are losing it.

James R. Rummel said...

What color is the boathouse at Hereford?????

It is white with green trim.