Friday, September 19, 2008

Another one for the books......

What a week!

My reward this evening…. relaxing to a big mug of sweet tea with Carlos Santana keeping me company. Cool breezes are making the candles flicker as I prop my feet up, and I savor a few good moments in life.

Today was relatively easy, class wise. We taught a couple of new skills and ran much of the day in the lab with task work. Few discipline issues, other than one or two who insist on digging their holes deeper, albeit in interesting ways.

A few moments of personal glory….

I keep grades more up-to-date than most would think possible. Each morning a new set is detail printed and in my pocket, and some days it’s updated every few hours. Today was a three-update day as midterm grades were due at 4pm. The students have learned this, and it’s a new experience for them as no other teacher does it this way. Two dozen times a day kids come to me asking for their current grades; all but the ones who just don’t care.

Today… at least three times…. separate students all but cheered at their grade, and in each case they were in the 65-70% range! It looked that good to them, considering how we challenge our students. Each student had been failing only days ago.

A good day…. and now a really good evening spent relaxing. Tomorrow… a few hours at the range, and Sunday may find my bones wandering the Renaissance faire again.


Oh.... and I spent all day talking like a Pirate..... BWAHAHAHA!

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The Captain said...

Oh.... and I spent all day talking like a Pirate..... BWAHAHAHA!

I'm sure you mean to say, "Arrrrr!"