Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama and Biden, could it get worse?

Barak Husein Obama has chosen Joe Biden as a running mate.

Both of them are virulently anti individual rights, and viciously opposed to personal gun ownership by the common people.

For a long time I thought we could survive an Obama presidency without too much damage. Even giving him a Democratic congress, they'd all spend years arguing over who gets how much of our money, fighting like rabid dogs over the final scrap of hide from the last of the fallen herd.

Now, with this choice, I become swayed the other direction. The damage these insane clowns can do is untold.

Folks..... it's time to begin the quiet swell we'll need to sink these idiots back to the depths of hell they came from. We can't afford a minimal voter turn out this time.


Shrugged says: said...

Good point B....

Where Barak can speak all day without saying anything of substance, Biden can hardly speak at all without dumping his entire thought process on the table. He speaks his mind.... with predictable results.

If nothing else, this will be a entertaining election cycle.
I am curious to see how the very junior senator from Chicago is going to rein in the highly senior mouth of Joe Biden.

Lets see... Joe has already tweaked off 50,000,000 gun owners, most immigrant Americans, and half of Con-gress.

Anonymous said...

It will be a interesting time to say the least.