Thursday, July 10, 2008

Standing silent witness to time, an old and weathered stone wall opens a window on another age.

Whispered ghost sound of workmen laying rock, moving with deliberate care at a pace which would conquer an entire continent.

A window..... built to let in light, and for a man to look out upon the world, safe within solid stone walls. Safe from the storm, safe from attack, safe to rest.

Safe from everything..... but time.

Time... inescapable, plodding, nonrespondent to arguments or prayer.
When time calls us beyond any sound of lament.... all we leave behind are the
walls we have built and the souls we have touched.

It's there we live on..... after time takes away the pain and joy..... there in the
hearts of our lovers, and in the things we have built. Whether it be stone walls stacked with care, or words lined up so beautifully in a treasured memory.
Sometimes.... just the faintest of touch upon the cheek like a passing breeze.

There we live on... beyond the reach of time.


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I love your photography. And thanks for the linky